Tech Talk For Your Creative Business

Are you a creative professional who struggles with the technology required to get your business online?

You are not alone!

Most creative professionals who are brilliant at their work struggle to figure out the business technology puzzle.

What if there was a way for you to understand this business technology so you could:

  • Understand how being online helps your business grow
  • Have the confidence to make decisions about technology options
  • Design an effective online presence for your creative business
  • Hire technical experts and get exactly what your business needs
  • Attract new customers online who love what you do

Now there is a way!

Learn What You Need To Know. And Nothing Else.

In the course, Tech Talk for Your Creative Business, you learn the fundamentals for designing an effective online presence for your creative business.

This course gives you the information and tools you need to plan and create your online business presence with confidence.

In some ways, taking your business online is like driving a car.

With your car, you don’t have to know how to rebuild the transmission to get from where you are to where you want to be. You just need to know where to put in the gas and when to have it looked at.

In the same way, you don’t have to know how to build a website to tell a web developer what you want and make sure your website meets your business needs.

This course will teach you the practical things you need to know to get your creative business online.

It’s actually easier than you imagine.

My Personal Online Business Journey

I’ve been self-employed since 1995 and built my first business website in 1996. Since then, I’ve been the technology person for my own business. And over the years, I’ve helped my clients create their online business presences.

You might think that I’m a typical geek, and that I love all of this technology.

The truth is: I’m also a creative professional. I’m a mixed-media artist with a studio and a side business selling my own art. As a creative person, I’ve struggled my entire career to understand and then master the business technology I needed to know.

In other words, I feel your pain!

Here’s how I can help you.

  • I understand that every business must be online today to survive.
  • I understand what it takes to build a successful online business presence.
  • And I know how to talk to other creative professionals about business technology.

For the last three years, I’ve worked with dozens of creative professionals and helped them design, launch and maintain their online business presence. I’ve helped clients who are authors, artists, designers, decorators, and other creative types understand and master this important aspect of their business.

Now, I’m going to make this information available to people everywhere through a live course. This is an interactive course where you learn:

  • Where your online business presence fits into your overall business plans.
  • The four components required for a strong online business presence (and how they interact).
  • How to build a thriving community online who love what you do and tell others about you.

This is exactly what you need to know to build your online business presence. I’ll walk you through each technology and explain just what you need to know about it. I’ll also share with you things I learned the hard way so you can avoid the mistakes I made in my own online business journey.

Webinar Details

The Tech Talk for Your Creative Business course consists of 6 hours of instruction spread out over 6 sessions. During each session:

  • I’ll walk you through the information using slides and other visuals.
  • You’ll record your notes in the webinar workbook which you download and print prior to each session.
  • We’ll have time for questions and answers at the end of each session.

Even though each session is scheduled for one hour, I’ll stay in the session until all of your questions are answered.

A few extra points:

  • The sessions may run a little longer if there are lots of questions.
  • Attending the session on your lunch hour? You can leave at any time, especially if the session runs over.
  • All attendees can download a recording of the session for later reference.

I Don’t Know Much About Computers

This course is designed for non-technical people! I understand that creative people often struggle with technology, so you’ll only learn what’s absolutely essential for you to understand. And I’ll explain things in simple terms without any buzz words or jargon.

I’ll take the mystery out of the internet technology so you can understand how to harness it for your business.

I’m Really Busy

I’m glad to hear that! That means that your business is growing. The more visibility your business gets, the more people are going to be looking for your business online. Make sure that what they find really reflects the quality and care you put into the rest of your business.

You don’t have to finish each session according to the course schedule. You can download the session recordings and take the course on your schedule when you have time to listen.

I Don’t Have The Budget For All Of These Things

Most businesses work within a tight budget. When you understand what goes into an effective online business presence, you can make smart choices about where to spend your precious resources of time and money.

Often, there are free and inexpensive alternatives for each technology component that you can use until you can justify making a larger investment.

It’s all about understanding the big picture so you can make smart decisions along the way. A smart decision today prepares your business for the future. It leaves you with more time and money for the better solution at the right time.

I’ll Make The Deal Even Sweeter

In addition, you get ongoing support for your online business building efforts. That means that you can:

  • Attend future session of the course at no additional cost!
  • Download the materials from future sessions.
  • Attend bonus sessions that cover additional related topics to help you build your onlne business.
  • Get a discount on related courses.

Where Do I Sign Up?

I offer this course several times a year. Sign up here to get invited to the next course session.

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