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The Social Media DIY Workshop is for small business people who want to learn social media. The workshop consists of articles, ebooks, and videos that explain social media topics. Use these resources to create your customized learning experience. Learn what you want to build a customized do-it-yourself (DIY) social media program for your business, non-profit, or government agency.

We have over 125 free resources (articles, ebooks, and videos) to help you!

Looking for more in-depth coverage? We now offer premium content on key topics with more coming soon!

Learning Levels

Each Social Media DIY Workshop resource gets assigned to a learning level.

  1. Social Media Basics. Are you ready to start learning about social media? Or learn a new social media tool or skill? These articles, ebooks, and videos cover the basics and help you catch a vision for how social media can support and grow your business.
  2. Getting Started. Ready to jump into a new tool or skill? These articles, ebooks, and videos explain how to get started, set up your account, and start doing things.
  3. Building Skills. Do you already use a tool or have a plan, but you know there is more to learn? These articles, ebooks, and videos help you build strong skills so you can masterfully use social media.
  4. Creating Solutions. Are you ready to start creating custom social media solutions to meet your unique business challenges? These articles, ebooks, and videos help you apply what you know to integrate social media into your entire business.

Where you start in the Social Media DIY Workshop depends entirely on you! Use the learning levels to guide you. You can use any resource that interests you at any time.

  • Are you brand new to social media or a tool? Start with level 1.
  • Do you have some experience using a tool? Start at level 2 or level 3.
  • Are you good with a tool, but are looking for a way to get more from it? Start at level 3.

Social Media Topics

Each resource in the Social Media DIY Workshop provides practical information about one social media topic. In general, the resources fall into these categories:

  • Social Media Tools. Learn how to use a specific social media tool (like Twitter or Facebook).
  • Social Media Issues & Topics. Learn about a specific social media topic (like reputation management or community building).
  • Smart Examples. See what other businesses are doing on social media. Check out the smart examples to find great ideas you can borrow and modify to fit your business needs.
  • Your Social Media Program. Learn how to put the pieces together to create and run a social media program for your business.

Use the main menu to break down these general categories into specific workshop topics (under Workshop). We add new resources and topics regularly, so keep checking back.

Special Features

Our first ebook, Twitter for Beginners, is a short but sweet explanation about how Twitter works. It’s perfect for your if you are thinking about joining Twitter, or if you are using Twitter but are not happy with your experience. You can read it online or download it to your computer.

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