Pin a Vine Video to Pinterest

Are you using Vine to create videos for your business? There isn’t an automated way to pin Vine videos to Pinterest. Here is a work-around so you can share your Vine videos on Pinterest now.

  • Before You Start: You have a business Twitter account. You use the Vine app to create business videos.
  • Learning level: 4 | Creating Solutions
  • Article Last Updated: Friday, May 24, 2013

Pin Vine Videos on Pinterest

Are you using the Vine app to create business videos? They can be a smart way to give people a video glimpse into your business products and operations.

The Vine app makes it easy to share your videos on Vine, Twitter and Facebook. That’s great, but what if you want to share them on Pinterest? After all, Pinterest allows you to pin videos, so why not add your Vine videos?

At this time, you can’t pin your Vine videos directly to Pinterest. The Vine app doesn’t automate the process, and Pinterest only accepts videos that you upload or link from YouTube or Vimeo. But there is a way to do it.

Thumbnail Procedure

This procedure lets you pin your Vine videos to Pinterest by pinning and creating a thumbnail image for your video. You need photo editing software to create the thumbnail. The advantage is that you get to choose the video thumbnail and you can add words to the thumbnail.

Here’s how to get your Vine video on Pinterest.

1. Create your Vine video.
2. Share your video on Twitter.
3. Go to Twitter and locate your tweet with the Vine video.
4. Click view the media.This expands the tweet so your Vine video begins playing.
5. Click view on web. This opens your Vine video in its own brower tab. Keep this tab open because you will need the web address (URL) later in this procedure.
6. Create a thumbnail for your Vine video. Using your photo editing software, take a screen capture of the Vine video. Crop the image down to make a thumbnail image of the video. Save this file as a .jpg or .png file. Add a caption to the image (optional).
7. Pin the video thumbnail on Pinterest.Place the pin on the appropriate board and write the video description.
8. Display the Vine video pin in your Pinterest account. So far, you have pinned the thumbnail, but you haven’t linked the thumbnail to the video.
9. Edit the pin. Add the Vine video web address (from step 5) into the Source field in the pin. Save the updated pin.

Test the pin to make sure that you have everything working correctly. It takes two clicks to get the Vine video to play using this work-around procedure.