Free Monthly Webinar

Why Attend My Free Monthly Webinar

Getting better results on social media isn’t something you do once and move on. It’s something to have to keep working at.

I created the JumpStart Your Social Media Program course to help you diagnose and fix the obstacles that get in the way of great social media results. In that course, I explain seven major factors that influence your results and gave you ideas for how to improve on each of them.

Now, I’m offering webinars to give you the support you need keep improving your social media presence.

How It Works

Everyone is welcome to attend my free monthly webinars to learn practical ways to improve your social media results. In these webinars, you will:

  • Learn to identify the factors that impact your social media results.
  • Get greater understanding about how social media conversations really work.
  • Hear stories about how others have gotten better results.
  • Get more details about the social media success factors.
  • Learn tips and tricks for better results on specific tools (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)

Plus, you can share your insights and experiences to help other people solve challenges in their business social media.

Ongoing Social Media Support

I’ll start each session with a quick overview of where social media fits into your overall business success. Next, I’ll present an in-depth look at one social media topic each month. This information helps you come up with ideas for new things you can try in your business.

You will come away from each session with one or two practical ideas you can put into action the same day!

Get A Webinar Invitation

It’s easy to get invited to my free webinars:

  • Visit this page of my website and invite yourself. Use the Save My Seat button in the top right corner.
  • Do you get my email newsletter? You’ll automatically get invited.
  • Have you attended a webinar in the past? Great! You’re on the invitation list.
  • Check my Facebook page (Social Media DIY) or follow me on Twitter (@SocialMediaDIY) to get the registgration link.

Have a suggestion for a webinar topic? Use my contact form, Facebook, or Twitter to let me know. I’m always looking for your input!