Does Your Business Need A Website?

I encourage all small businesses to have a website.

It’s not enough to use social media to promote your business. You need part of your online presence to be something that you own.

The Heart Of Your Business Online Presence

Every business needs an online home. Your business should have both a website and blog.

Here’s why.

Your website bring these benefits:

  • A website tells people who you are.
  • A website people what you do.
  • A website people how to become a customer.

That’s all important stuff! But people don’t do business with businesses. They do business with people they know, they like, and they trust!

That’s why your business also needs a blog.

A blog brings these benefits:

  • Tells people why you do what you do (your passion).
  • Lets people connect with you as a person.
  • Shows what you know and how you can help people.
  • Contributes to your website search engine optimization (SEO) so it’s easier for people to find your business online.

These are important components for helping people to know about you, to like you, and to trust you!

Your Business Website

I encourage every small business person to have a website and a blog. The good news is that getting a website doesn’t require a huge cash investment.

In fact, if you are just a little technical, you can build your own website and blog using WordPress. WordPress is a great tool for building a website and blog because it separates all of the coding (and other internet technical stuff) from the words and pictures (the part you already know!).

There are two WordPress options:

  • Start your website and blog using a free service from
  • Get your own web hosting and use the free WordPress software from

With your own hosting, you can also add an email service for under $20 a year! That’s right, you can get an email address: for under $2 a month!

You can do it yourself!

I Can Build Your Website

Even with the amazing WordPress software, maybe you are feeling a bit daunted by the process of setting up your own site.

That’s where I can help.

I can build a site for your business at a cost far less than custom website development. Here’s how it works:

  • I talk with you to learn about your business.
  • I define your website components.
  • I build your website using WordPress and set you up with nearly maintenance-free web hosting.

You now have your own website!

What You Get

How can I do this for less than custom website development?

  • I use WordPress which simplifies the technical process.
  • I give you a choice of three different looks (layouts) for your site.
  • I customize your look to match your logo and branding (if you already have these).

You get fewer bells and whistles than custom development, but that doesn’t mean you get a bare bones website!

Every website I build comes with:

  • Sliding photographs across the top of the front page for a professional first impression.
  • Fully customized contact form so you get the information you need from potential clients.
  • A gallery of photos of your business, your products, and you (you provide the photos) so your photos can sell for you.
  • Email list sign-up form so you can start building your list of people who want to know what you are selling.
  • Rotating customer testimonials (using your existing testimonials) to build trust in your products and services.
  • Links to your existing social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc.) so people can talk to you about your business.

I can also help you to:

  • Write the words that make your website snap and your business sizzle.
  • Set up your email address to match your website and improve your professional image.
  • Provide stock photo images to enhance your website appearance.

Does this sound like exactly what you need? Then contact me ( and let’s get started!